Monday, October 6, 2008

Blue Monday-- but all will come out well.

Seems like my knee and back are getting worse, but my pal, Mike Ryan finally called me up this morning to answer my call for help and assistance at the Milwaukee VA. I told him [respectfully] that I thought his new substitute nurse didn't mix the shots correctly and I could actually 'feel' the difference right away. So Mike scheduled me to come in early Thursday morn to correct the problem [another injection that he himself mixes!] -- and I bet other injured Vet's reported the same problem. You can't trust anyone now days--especially the VA, and I personally known them to lie, cover up and protect slack, lazy screw up and abuses. Don't worry, I let the world know and publish these oversights and abuses with CC [Command and Control]. I am NOT whiner-- but I will NOT let them abuse or give me substandard care-- or lack of it. Our combat disabled Veterans are getting croaked far beyond their time as it is! Just let us have our respected small place in the sun--with dignity. WE will not live much longer-- and after we are all dead--that last "restraint" of the evil world shall fall, as the Lord wishes.
We took the Dodge Ram 4 by 4 today to put more money in the Credit Union and I let my wife jump out and take care of business while I sat in the comfortable '07 Truck. I was just aching too bad today. We take turns waiting on each other, and it's nice to have a wife who rubs Eucerine cream on mydry feet at night... She says that it will cost her about $60 tomorrow for the hair dresser, and I want her to look and feel good. I need a hair cut too but I only pay about $11. I will have to wait to bu ylunber to build a ceiling to floor shelf in the back porch-- lack of 'bread $$.' I only need about 6- 1 by 12" by 8' s, and a few 2 by 4's. Guess I will wait until after I see my VA doc.
Again, I ask my friends and readers, 'what on earth should our MAIN PRIORITY be ??' Forgive my blunt, direct speech today, but the world is spiraling, going down as if a 'rocket propelled grenade [RPG]' hit a Huey H model slick out of the air and crashed ! That is 'aviation speak' Another day of the Stock Market getting gutted. Even my household is suffering $$$ and my wife and I are just speculating and considering a "B plan." See that last posts of: "Old Soldier Tom's Journal" [AOL Blog]. It's got to be very scary for folks that only trust in their money-- or what's left of it.
The Bible says that things will happen so fast that most of us will be caught off guard and just like a snared rabbit-- it's all over. I heard that sailors in the 16th and 17th Century had scriptures tattooed on their backs-- in case they committed some infraction that the Master at Arms would not lay the cat'o nine tails whip across those holy verses. Proverbs 3:5 would be one of my favorites..... "Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding." Well, my head is just as hard as the next man, and I have to learn from my own mistakes and goof- ups more than not.. lol.
Sharon is roasting pork ribs and it smells so good! I told her that we won't be eating out so much after today, and we should be thankful that we have a freezer full of good food. Praise the Lord! I have to boast about one thing; there was never anytime that my 3 kids went with out food, clothing or shelter-- even when I was a lost heathen trapped in the JW- cult [Watch Tower cult] for 22 years. My family admits that I am muchmore mellowed out now. God loved me so much that He got me out of that 'church of the poisoned mind.' One of the ways I can 'thank Him' is to continue sharing God Word- the Bible with others. It is the only source of real TRUTH about salvation and survival from the terrible storm ahead of us. Remember, friends? I told you all that the Wall Street Bail Out would not help much! Things will only get worse. That is not to be a sour note or pessimistic out look, friends. These things MUST happen as the Bible predicts before Jesus comes back to take up His Saints and ... His believers.
More latter,



garnett109 said...

Yep tom I'm taking a beating also on the wall street mess up.

a corgi said...

thanks for the words Tom! I needed a gentle reminder about the Lord tonight; a touch of the economy brought me down and I should know better than to listen to the lies of that enemy and to trust in my Lord who has never disappointed me

one of my favorite Scriptures: Psalm 9:9-10

have a good day :)


Homeward Bound said...

Hey, Gunner, your site looks good. Are you all settled in now? If you have any problems or any questions, I've been using blogspot for months, so give me a shout.

Them pork rib smells good. Talk about the bailout, you ought to check out my last entry which I posted today.

I'm busy moving the site, tearing it down loading it manually into the new one.

Are you going to save your old journal? You know you can run several websites on one in this site, right, you could save old and do your knew one too. You have some real good stuff in your old one I'd hate to see go.

Okay, gotta run and get my site down.