Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The "REAL" hidden secret that few know about...

I may be repeating some ideas that were posted in my old AOL blog, 'Old Soldier Tom's Journal,' but I feel bolder now and I would consider myself a worm by NOT posting this message [before it happens] as a warning to some-- and encouragement others.
Even as my personal conscience tells me to vote for the ISSUES INSTEAD OF THE PERSONALITY RUNNING FOR U.S. PRESIDENT -- the "lesser of two evils" -- I believe with all my heart, mind and spirit that it doesn't really matter who gets elected! Sounds crazy, huh? Go figure: The USA is so deeply in debt now to China, etc., that each man, woman and child here owes about $400,000. to pay off our tremendous DEBT! That is just part of the super, complex problem that will crush our once great Christian based country. At the very least- we will lose our 'super power status' and prob go bankrupt with most of our citizens losing their pensions, Medicare and SS. Oh sure, we had bad times before and beat the odds, but this time will be different. I am looking thru the spy glass with an imperfect human eye. But now consider how the God of the Christian Bible looks at things... He sees another Sodom and Gomorrah all over the earth with abortion, corruption, polution, greed, the Gay agenda [Romans 1: 27] , God haters, and ISLAM making great in- roads in Western society. When Jesus will come back at the correct time-- it will STILL be a big surprise to 95% of humankind who have pushed Him aside to have their ears tickled by silver tongued, sleezy, lying politicians. Our 'young planet' and wayward people have not changed much in the past 6000 years.. lol.
Remember, MOST people on earth still believe that MAN can and will change the downward spiral of of all our earthly woes. The bible is full of big time rulers and kings who were full of themselves too-- and they died. Get the picture, yet? Many so-called 'Christians' will "think and vote" with their pocket book instead of any biblical values training. Even just one issue like ABORTION will condemn the leader or group who champions it-- compared to God's unchanging standards!
I am a frail, sinful human too, consider: Romans 3:23, "For all have sinned and come short of the glory of God." And in my younger years I thought I could control my future and destiny with my might, brains and talents... Ha! People just lack the true, humble FAITH and TRUST in the Lord [Proverbs 3:5] but have to have a human ruler who promises them things that he [or she] cannot deliver. That is the long and short of it, folks, friends and readers. All real, genuine biblical, mature Christians should know these facts and act accordingly. I will vote the McCain/ Palin ticket-- even though I know they will fail in the long run because the huge debt load, crime, corruption is so heavy and intricate... and the other liberal, sin laden party is pulling against the conservatives so that they can't get anything done-- for selfish reasons. It's hopeless to trust in mankind or so-called science.
ANYONE who even thinks that man [or group] can save the USA and world is actually sinning against Almighty God in suggesting that He is not able to keep His promises to believers and servants who worship Him !
I know that my close friends and brothers/ sisters in the Lord will comment and support this post-- but the world will hate me-- just as they hate Jesus. When some people prayer the so-called "Lord's Prayer' in Matt. 6:9, -- they are really praying for their own destruction.
Peace and Courage be to all believers in Christ. Hunker down, live within your means and pay of your bills NOW! Sit back and watch the world self-destruct. The God of the bible will deliever his children.

Tom Schuckman



garnett109 said...

$400,000.00 ? That won't leave much for living.

Carolyn said...

Say it Tom!! Say it! Excellent post brother of mine! I agree wholeheartedly, and you know? My husband even says it won't matter who wins either- none of them will be able to do much to fix things. I pray he is getting the idea that God is speaking to him! I listened to a pastor on the radio last hour who was saying that Abram was the best example of walking by faith in that when God called him Abram answered and moved! But- a big BUT- Abraham was also one of the best examples of not waiting on God in His promise of a son- hence the big mess we still have in the whole clash between muslims and Jews. I believe we (Bible Believing Christians) are all a little like that! Oh, I can't wait for Jesus to come, but I know I have to be patient- I know God has more for me and the rest of us to do first, and I know I'm not ready, as much as I want Him! God Bless you Tom! Come visit me too! Click on my little profile picture next to my name here! Carolyn

Sue said...

Great great GREAT entry Soldier! Thank you for sharing your ideas and thoughts, and if do repeat yourself that's a GOOD thing! Sue

Doreen said...

Hi Tom, WOW! Nicely said and such encouragement you give to me. I, too, am a frail, human Christian - who is strong only through Christ. And, I thank you for your service to protect my freedom. God Bless and I look forward to following your Journal.

tsalagiman1 said...

Repetition aids learning(!), and new readers who don't comment will stop by & see. We can't outrun end-time prophecy no matter how hard we try. Great post, Tom!


Woody said...

Stopped by for a View, enjoyed the reading and comments.

Take Care;


Heli gunner Tom said...

Here is my new web site and URL:
Heli-gunner Tom. http://heli-gunnertom.blogspot.com/

My biblical Christian Journal is intended to help/ encourage people understand the good promises that will shortly come true for all believers and followers of Jesus Christ. This is also a 'Help Blog' for Disabled Combat Veterans in dealing with/ navigating the corrupt VA system, Agent Orange and PTSD, etc. We never have too many friends, and I love to meet new people. "Life is a Vapor" ~James 4:14. Heli-gunner Tom. http://heli-gunnertom.blogspot.com/
Wednesday, November 12, 2008
More VA BS.
The 2 meds still didn't come today [as promised-- again] so I called the Milwaukee VA this morning to track them down. They have "tracking numbers" to keep track of what actions they take-- or not take. Initially, a gal named Dawn L. dropped the ball by failing to submit my monthly request to my doctor/ Nurse Practitioner. We depend on those VA Pharmacy staff to do their jobs, because our health and in some cases our very lives are at stake! I am sure that they have fun and frolic and make private phone calls, listen to the radio at work and maybe TV.

Let's face it, flipping burgers at a fast food place is important to keep your job, but medicine is MORE important, IMHO [in my humble opinion] for the afore mentioned reasons....duh. This is not rocket science nor a hard concept to envision. My legally blind mother in Burlington, WI had a close call too, when my wife and I discovered that she was given the wrong medicine by her Pharmacist. Sure we are all human and err, but SOME JOBS AND OCCUPATIONS ARE NOT SO FORGIVING WHEN PEOPLE DON'T PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT THEY DO!

In Army Aviation, they have a "tech inspector" who checks the mechanics' work before it is OK to fly. Well, by nature aircraft/ helicopters cannot pull over to the side of the road when they have a problem, and they can drop out like a rock out of the sky if things get locked up or in-op, and 'chopper' crews do NOT carry parachutes! Reason: the turning main rotor blade would chop us all up if we tried to bail out.... OUCH! Well, we have nick names for the ship's parts and the huge nut on the main rotor blade is called the "Jesus Nut." If that main rotor blade were to come off in flight the cr

Martha said...

Haven't seen you around in quite a while, hope everything is ok!

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