Saturday, October 4, 2008

Fall is the time to reflect.

Fall is my favorite time of the year and kind of like New Year's Eve when we think back of all the friends we have lost in death, and the past years activities.
I just took the dog [Rottweiler, 'Deuce'] out side to do his thing and stretch his legs, etc., and the air temp. was only 57 F. but the sun was bright and warm so I just sat down at our picnic table that we built to get a few rays on my face and arms-- good for storing up vitamin D. I thought about all the things we did this Summer and summed it all up as "good" --although it's been a heck of a roller coaster ride--ups and downs, financially and otherwise.
Sharon is miles away at a seminar with her friends for AWANA, the Baptist version of teaching young kids about the bible and they have to memorize Bible verses, play games and learn to draw near to Jesus Christ inthese 'end times.' Sharon is a great bible teacher and all her kids love her! She teaches out of her power chair while wearing her AWANA uniform. I will post a pic of her later.
My right knee is a little better-- and thank you all for your powerful prayers! I did a gentle workout at the YMCA Gym yesterday to recondition the muscles, and I feel better today, but not out of the woods yet. I never, ever figured that I would be disabled after a full life of being a strong man and power lifter, and it's very humbling. I think God wants it that way because of my prideful attitude most of my former life. I worked hard and played hard.
Well, the house is messy, and I should help put it back together and make some lunch-- I already fed the hound dog, and what a noble beast he is! My pal, Deuce, who keeps me entertained, my faithful companion.
I entreat all of my friends to eventually post a message on this post so I can send you more posts and not lose contact with you all.
Thanks friends, you are dear to me!

Cordially, In His Service,


garnett109 said...

Love your dog he reminds me of my roscoe

Carolyn said...

Hi Tom- I'm glad you're having nice weather. It's raining again here and still pretty warm, although it's now in the upper 80's instead of upper 90's! Glad too your knee is better a bit. C'mon over and leave a comment so I know you're on mine! God Bless and give Deuce a kiss for me! Carolyn

Mark said...

100 + temps are over for this year.Another hot Summer in Phoenix is history

a corgi said...

AWANA's is such a great program; both my kids participated in it for a few years and I helped out too; always good to get the word of God in :)